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Experience a healthier, cleaner home.

At Twenty & Oak, we believe in providing high quality cleaning products for your home and family. Our cleaning products and air purifiers will help ensure every inch of your home is neat and tidy. From our hard surface floor cleaners to advanced technology air purifiers, we have everything you need to tackle everyday messes, germs, and more. Feel good knowing that your home is safe and clean for all of life’s everyday moments.

Safe Hard Surface Floor Cleaners That Really Work

Specially formulated to clean hardwood, vinyl, tile, laminate, and more, safely and effectively.

Mindful Products for Kids, Pets & The Environment

GREENGUARD GOLD certified flooring cleaners to be environmentally safe

Breathe Cleaner with Better Indoor Air Quality

Air purifiers with PECO technology cleans the air in a more complete way than traditional methods and combats pollutants like VOCs, allergens, and viruses

Meet the Molekule

Air purification for a clean, healthy home.

Indoor air pollution affects everyone and poor air quality can cause a variety of health issues. PECO air purifiers improve the quality of your indoor air through a unique and patented process that actually destroys a wide range of pollutants.

As air passes through, larger particles are captured by the filter while microscopic pollutants are destroyed at the molecular level. Research has shown that conventional air filters do not destroy many air pollutants. Through the PECO technology filtration process, the air is actually purified.

Floor Cleaners

Safe and effective floor cleaners for all of life's messy moments.

Life is busier than ever and keeping your home clean reduces stress and creates a healthier environment for your family. With children and pets on your floors daily, knowing that they are clean and safe gives you peace of mind.

It's also important to select products that won’t damage your flooring. Choosing the right flooring cleaner for your particular flooring type will ensure that your flooring lasts and looks great for years to come!